Pregnant Women Urged To Have Plenty Of Sex Before Delivery

Pregnant women have been urged to have plenty of sex before delivery, especially those experiencing prolonged or post-dated pregnancy. Dr Chris Agboghoroma, the Chief Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist at National Hospital, Abuja, told NAN. He defined prolong pregnancy or post-dated pregnancy as a period when a woman exceed 42 weeks of pregnancy. The medical doctor also debunked the notion that it was unsafe for pregnant women to have sex few weeks to their delivery date. “I advise pregnant women especially those who are about to go into post maturity or prolong pregnancy to have frequent sex with their husbands. “Even any woman that is close to the time of delivery, anything that interrupt the cervix like sexual intercourse can fast track delivery without any hitches,” Agboghoroma said. The expert also dismissed the notion that sexual intercourse at the earlier stage of conception could lead to miscarriage or termination of a woman’s pregnancy.

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