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Prophecies Of Some Nigerian Pastors Inspired By Money – Apostle

Apostle Joshua Selman Nimmack, founder of Eternity Network International (ENI), has alleged that the prophecies of some Nigerian pastors are being instigated by money, not divine revelation.

In a message entitled: “The Apostate Church”, which was posted on the ministry’s YouTube channel on 4 July, Nimmack stated that some pastors deliver inspirational messages to and collect money from certain individuals despite knowing the perceived vices of such church members.

The cleric insisted that some of his fellow religious leaders worship money by praying and blessing people who allegedly live reckless lives, instead of cautioning them to turn a new leaf and change their way of life.

He noted that the message of the word of God is now substantially relegated during church services, adding that a lot of Nigerians have become naive to the extent that they are deceived by persons they see as men of God.

He said: “A man is sleeping with another man’s wife, you know it and you are saying it is well with the man. They bring an offering and we bless them even when we know the money is stolen. We collect the money and bless them. They ensnare gullible people. Devil is smart enough to respond to our needs and make us live in perpetual error. The apostate church is here.

“Everything about the church is now money. A lot of people are planning to get out of school and belong to the kind of church where money is being worshipped. There is a lot of deviation from the truth of God’s word. We like a congregation that likes to massage our ego.

“In the presence of God, there is the presence of joy not the presence of foolishness. We laugh at things when we should be crying. There are men and women now in the church whose job is to match-make people in marriage and they do it based on favouritism.”

Nimmack lamented that “the church is now meeting place for people looking for contracts” and a place where “prostitutes come to meet pastors for prayers”, adding that pastors would not make efforts to lead such persons to God because of what they want to drop as offerings.

The cleric stated that the Nigerian church needs rapid emergency attention before it is destroyed by the doctrine of material things.

“There are men and women of God in Nigeria who rather than build the church are destroying the church and scattering the sheep. Many doctrines from the pit of hell are being preached in our churches.

“We need rapid emergency attention otherwise we have become a psychological hospital where the grace of God has been replaced with psychological things,” Nimmack said.

He warned that “people who are into these things will receive a rude shock on the last day”.

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