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Protest: Zimbabweans Say “Mugabe Must Go”

mugabe protest 1By Ola Adeola

Protesters in Harare, the capital of Zimbabwe, have demanded that President Robert Mugade quits power.

The banner-carrying protesters presented a petition to the country’s ministry of finance. Some of the wordings on the banners, read: “Mugabe Must Go”.

There is palpable fear among the citizens that the Zimbabwe dollars-a local equivalent of American dollars-already in short supply will worsen if devalued. The worry is also that the planned devaluation will return the country to hyperinflation.

A group calling themselves “unemployed graduates” joined the march which was dispersed by police with batons and jets of tear gas-laden liquid fired from mugabe protestwater canon. Journalists were also targeted.  The protest has been driven largely by social media. Many demonstrators were wrapped in the national flag, a symbol of the calls for change.

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