Quality Orgasm Good For Your Health, Says Toke Makinwa


Radio personality, Toke Makinwa, has given tips on how to live a good and healthy life. The author of ‘On Becoming’ book took to her Instagram page to share the healthy tips.

According to her, it is important for someone to get a good orgasms, make money and mind his or her own business.

“Love God, family first, make plenty money, be a good human, travel the world, get quality orgasms (it’s good for you) and stay out of peoples business,” she wrote.

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These healthy tips are coming after Toke came under massive attack she said dating a stingy man is like a disease. 

The television host and entrepreneur, who has been speaking about relationship in recent times, said this in the latest episode of TokeMoments titled ‘Scarcity Mentality is a Problem’.

“Today, much ado about stingy people, miserly people. Dating a miserly man is like a disease, dating a miserly woman is like hell fire. Like i don’t understand the logic behind people that are miserly. What are you guys so afraid of?,” Makinwa asked in the video.

“I used to be afraid of being poor long time ago and even then I was not miserly, it just made me double my hustle. I found out that if you are dating a guy who is stingy to himself is the worse kind of relationship you can be because you will always be excessive in his book.”



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