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Quick Tips On Using Umbrella

It is that period of the year when the showers of blessings would continuously descend upon the earth. Yes, it is the rainy season again and the period comes with its unpredictability. One essential item, however, that comes in handy during this season is the Umbrella. The main function of an umbrella is to shield an individual, either during the extreme sunny season or severe rainy season.

As we are in the midst of the latter, it is very important to always have an umbrella nearby as no one can accurately predict the weather situation.

We, therefore present to you, simple tips on how to ensure your umbrella is handy and relevant during this rainy season:

 Keep an umbrella around for contingency no matter the weather
 Keep a minimum of a short and long umbrella in your car
 Keep used paper and paper bag in your car boot during raining season – to protect the car interior from being muddled up as a result of wet umbrella and shoes.
 Ensure all your umbrella tines are in good condition and are not dangerously poking out.
 Go by your instincts carry an umbrella when you feel it may rain
 During all social and business travels, add an umbrella in your suitcase
 Remember your umbrella wherever you take it
 Fold your umbrella back properly after use, if not it will easily get destroyed
 The first assignment of your umbrella is to protect you – use it wisely

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