Report Says Germany Risks More Terrorist, Cyber Attacks

German security officials on Tuesday warned of further terrorist acts since the country was home to a number of potentially dangerous Islamic extremists. Hans-Georg Maassen, Head of Domestic Security Service, Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution (BfV), told a news conference in Berlin that there were possible increases in cyber-attacks from foreign intelligence services. “Radical Islamic groups represented the greatest challenge facing the nation’s intelligence officers,’’ he said. Releasing the BfV’s annual report for 2016, Maassen also warned that the number of those from the radical left and right of German political life, who were ready to commit violent acts, had gone up. “We have to assume that further attacks by individuals or terrorist commandos must also be expected in Germany,” he said. According to the report, Germany is increasingly the target of the espionage activities of foreign intelligence services, particularly from Russia, China and Iran. The BfV also noted that Turkey’s National Intelligence Organization (MIT) had intensified its focus on Germany.   NAN

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