Why Roast Goat Meat Is Dangerous

    An environmental scientist, Godwin Ugar, has warned of the dangers in eating goat meat roasted with tyres. The expert said the rubber material has carcinogenic components that cause cancer. “The more we eat those goats roasted with tyres, the more we are prone to cancer, there are alternative and healthy ways of De-skinning it. They can pump it and use razor blade to de- skin it rather than using tyres which not only contaminates the meat but degrades the environment and pollutes the atmosphere” he said. Speaking at a workshop on youth empowerment in Calabar, Ugar said that Nigerians need to be educated on environmental protection and sustainability. He urged Nigerians to adopt modern technology and improvise on waste materials. “We need to create jobs with our environment in mind, their ability to improvise and use alternative methods in disposal of dung, poultry waste is essential ,the ability to turn these hazards into wealth is very important”, he said.  
  • Bola Kougbe

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