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Russians astronauts stuck in space won’t return to Earth until September


astronautThree Russian astronauts in space will not return to Earth until autumn (September). The Independent reports that the International Space Station astronauts are being delayed return due to an investigation into a stray Russian rocket that got lost in space.

A Russian rocket – Progress 59 ship – suffered problems and lost contact on its way to dock with the International Space Station, to which it was carrying supplies. The Russian space agency could not re-gain contact with the ship and it eventually hurtled back to Earth and was burnt up in the atmosphere.

Nasa said it has not yet established when the astronauts will come back down, but claimed they have supplies that will last them till autumn.

The astronauts in a tweet from space have also expressed delight at the news of staying up there for a while.

While there, they are also expected to receive another Russian cargo craft — Progress 60 — in early July.

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