Seven Tips To Get Rid Of Your Sleepless Nights

By Adebayo Williams Exercise Exercising, particularly your cardio workouts, is very important to the quality of sleep you get. There is strong evidence to suggest that regular physical activity results in a better sleep.   Talk to yourself According to Lisa Artis, spokesperson for The Sleep Council, talking to yourself can actually help you to eliminate negativity and settle down for a good kip. She said: “Don’t think negatively. Say positive thoughts out loud – and write them down. “If you find dropping off hard, it may be interesting to see what you’ve been doing, what you’ve eaten and where you’ve slept on the days you sleep and don’t sleep well.”   Develop a bedtime routine Turn off all electrical appliances, keep your phone away and get ready to shut your eyes. Staying on the internet can be counter-productive.   Stay away from alcohol While you think some shots of vodka will get you some sleep, it makes you miss out on the first stage of sleep, the rapid eye movement phase. After the effect of the alcohol wears out, you are likely to slowly come out of sleep and stay awake for the rest of the night.   Eat late According to a fitness club health and fitness expert, Carly Tierney, having a late snack helps you quicken the recovery process overnight and kick-starts energy levels for the next day. Beans, yes beans There are some foods that can help you fall easily to sleep. Improving foods with high fibre helps improve the amount of time spent in deep, slow wave sleep.   Take an afternoon nap Study shows that having a two-hour nap during the day helps segment the sleep meant to be had in a day and does not necessarily mean the absence of sleep at night.      

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