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Seven Ways To Prevent Injuries While Shaving Your Pubic Hair

Cuts, burns or rashes are common injuries that can occur while shaving your privates.

For hygiene or in preparation for a good time, trimming your privates requires utmost care and if the reason is for the latter, it predisposes you to getting a Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI) from your partner.

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Below are carefully selected guidelines to getting a perfect and injury-less trim.

Stand while trimming: Researchers have found that when an injury due to trimming requires medical care, the person was often lying down. Standing helps you to see what you’re doing, which could reduce injuries.

Trim your own pubic hair: Records show that more injuries occur when a partner does the trimming. It’s thought this happens because your partner cannot feel what’s going on.

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Get your waxes at a salon or spa that never “double dips”: When spreading hot wax onto your skin, an aesthetician uses wooden sticks. The aesthetician should insert a new stick into the wax pot each time. If the aesthetician uses only one stick per client and keeps dipping that same stick into the wax pot, that’s “double dipping.” When your aesthetician double dips, hair, skin cells, and bacteria from clients gets into the wax pot. The heat from the hot wax creates an ideal breeding ground for bacteria. You could get an infection.

Buy your own hair removal products and don’t share them: Shaving, waxing, and other hair-removal methods cause tiny tears in your skin. While you cannot see these tears, they’re big enough for bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms to get inside your body. If you share your products with someone who has an STI, you may get the disease. It’s reported that when two brothers shared a razor, which they both used to trim their pubic hair, the one with HIV passed the disease to his unaffected brother. Other STIs can also pass from one person to person this way.

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Use a clean razor, and shave carefully: Using a clean razor and focusing 100% on what you’re doing can help reduce injuries. The right technique is also important. These dermatologists’ shaving tips can help prevent injuries at How to shave.

Moisturize after shaving: A moisturizer can help reduce the dryness that often occurs after shaving. When applying moisturizer, use one that is fragrance-free and won’t cause acne. This reduces the likelihood that the moisturizer will irritate your skin.

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Ask a board-certified dermatologist about laser hair removal: While laser hair removal can eliminate trimming injuries, it’s important to consider the long-term effect. If you have laser hair removal, between 80% and 90% of your hair won’t grow back. It’s also important to know that this option can be pricey — with treatment costing thousands of naira. Shopping around for the best price isn’t recommended. Complications are more common when the person performing your procedure isn’t a board-certified physician who performs laser hair removal often. Performed improperly, laser hair removal can cause a disfiguring complication.


*written with some information from American Academy of Dermatology

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