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‘Sex With My Husband Is A Nightmare: He Can Go 10 Rounds Non-stop’

Dear love and life, when my friends told me to have sex with my husband before marriage, I refused…now I’m full of regret!

My husband is a nymphomaniac! He has nearly killed me with sex since we got married. He can go 10 rounds if I don’t stop him. Every Friday in that house has become war, we have sex from 10pm till around 3am. Non-stop!

Initially I thought it was the excitement of marriage that was worrying him but this is our third year and he’s still the same. Always wanting more!

I’m tired! Each time I complain to him, he says I’m denying him of his rights to sex!

Weekends have become nightmare for me because he says since we are not going to work, we have all the time to ‘enjoy’ ourselves.

He is killing me silently. I’ve become afraid to sleep beside him at night, he’s either sucking my breasts or he’s touching my vagina. He just can’t keep his hands to himself.

Please help me.

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Hello Anonymous Writer,

Apparently, your situation is quite worrying and I sympathise with you over it.

The scenario could be viewed from two lenses. The first one, as you have rightly identified, is that your husband unfortunately sees your objections as denying him of sex.

The second point is that sex even between couples must be done with CONSENT. And that is where I will hinge my advice upon.

At a more relaxed time at home, courtesouly approach your husband and initiate a discussion. Calmly explain to him why you are not comfortable with his style. Convince him by telling him of the pains you experience as a result of the “forceful sex” and the implication for your vagina. Impress on him that your reproductive organs need to be safe in order for you to bear children for him.

You can further show him genuine reports (I emphasise: genuine) from the Internet of the dangers of prolonged sex and the damage it causes to women.

I am quite sure that your husband will take all these points into account and change his playful stance once you do this calmly. After all, he must surely be a rational human being.


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