Snoop Dogg Blasted Over Alcohol Abuse Post On Instagram


US rapper, Snoop Dogg, has attracted much criticism on social media platforms for using Paul Gascoigne, former English professional footballer’s photo to highlight the impacts of alcohol abuse.

Gascoigne, better known as Gazza, has had a recorded and reportedly tumultuous history of struggles with alcohol addiction.

But the rapper took to his Instagram page to share a picture of the ex-England midfielder at the age of 20 alongside an unflattering photo of him at 47 with the caption “alcohol abuse” above. Gascoigne is currently 52.

Beneath the same photo, the songwriter also posted a picture of himself at 20 and 47 which gave the impression that he hardly aged while on the marijuana side.

The post has stirred differing reactions on social media platforms.

While some users hailed him for “speaking the truth” on the dangers of drinking, others were not too pleased that the singer was “taking a mickey” out of Gascoigne, who has repeatedly struggled with alcoholism and mental health issues over the years.

“Shame on you! Don’t mock and make memes out of people who are struggling. Should take that down immediately,” a user said.



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