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March, 2019

  • 7 March

    ‘Agbalumo’ Lowers Blood Sugar, Cholesterol – Expert

    Dr Andrew Marbell, a nutritionist says the African star apple, popularly known as “agbalumo’’ in Yoruba dialect, is capable of lowering blood sugar, cholesterol, useful in preventing and good for treating heart diseases. He said that agbalumo possess some nutritional values, which contains more Vitamin C and ascorbic acid than …

February, 2019

  • 2 February

    Discover Six Amazing ‘Udara’ Goodness

    African star apple (Udara) popularly called Agbalumo in Western Nigeria, is a fleshy pulp and often eaten as a snack. Being a seasonal fruit (produced during the dry season between December and April), it is currently in abundance flooding the market places and street walkways. Below are six amazing health …

February, 2017

  • 7 February

    Health Benefits Of African Cherry (Agbalumo) During Pregnancy

    A Consultant Nutritionist, Matthew Felix, has highlighted the health benefits of African Star Apple popularly known as Agbalumo or Ciwoh or Udara during pregnancy. The doctor said the reason why pregnant women crave for seasonal fruit is that it has a sour-like taste that holds the mouth, hits the palate and …

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