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Credit: chughtailab.com

Three Simple Tips To Combat Insomnia

Credit: chughtailab.com
Credit: chughtailab.com

Do you suffer insomnia every night? Do you know the problem could be with your lifestyle? Below are three simple tips to help you overcome your sleepless nights. 

 Do Not Use your smartphone or iPad in bed:One of the biggest culprit that keeps you awake at night is your electronic gadget. It could be your phone, laptop, kindle or iPad. You will read, play a game or surf aimlessly online. This won’t make you feel any sleepier; in fact will keep you awake at night for a longer duration. Stay awake for these.
 Do Not Drink Alcohol Before Bed: You may argue that an alcoholic beverage will help your relax if consumed just before sleeping, but that’s not necessarily true. It takes a few hours for the alcohol to help you reach a relaxed state of mind, which means that you will simply be staying up wide awake.
 Stop Bingeing On Snacks: Many people reach for a mid-night snack if they can’t get sleep. But this is one of the top-most things to avoid doing. Because usually, to fulfill your midnight snacking, you will reach for something unhealthy and sugary. Your digestive system will be busy processing that meal and that will keep you awake even longer. You body will be deprived of the sleep it needs.

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