UN Ranks Nigeria 103rd Happiest Country In The World

NaijaThe United Nations has ranked Nigeria the 103rd happiest nation in the world. The report was released on 16 March and examined health, access to medicare, family relations, job security, political freedom and level of corruption in government as factors. Denmark, Switzerland, Iceland, Norway and Finland make the top five in the country. Eight of the least happy countries are in Sub-Saharan Africa while the other two are war-riddled nations. The top ten raked countries are: 1 Denmark 2 Switzerland 3 Iceland 4 Norway 5 Finland 6 Canada 7 Netherlands 8 NewZealand 9 Australia 10 Sweden The least happy countries at the lower rung of the ladder are: 148 Madagascar 149 Tanzania 150 Liberia 151 Guinea 152 Rwanda 153 Benin 154 Afghanistan 155 Togo 156 Syria 157 Burundi

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