WHO Declares Guinea Ebola Free

EbolaThe World Health Organisation has declared Guinea ebola free. The virus damaged the country’s economy as well as health and education sectors after claiming over 2500 lives and creating about 6200 orphans in the country’s capital, Conakry. Guinea recorded more than 3800 cases out of the 28600 cases globally with 11300 deaths according to WHO statistics. Guinea was the host country for “patient zero” – two-year-old Emile Ouamouno, who in December 2013 became the first person to die in the outbreak. The last known case in the country is a baby called Nubia, who was born with the disease but whose recovery was confirmed on 16 November. A country can only be declared ebola-free 42 days after the recovery or death of the final patient and if there are no new infections.    

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