Why You Should Have Sex During Pregnancy

For most women (and some men too) sex and pregnancy don’t go together. This is because right from the start there has been a lot of myths harbored among expectant couples about pregnancy-sex. However, one should know that sex during pregnancy isn’t off-limits and in no way can cause any damage to the baby or the mother. In reality, sex during pregnancy has a host of benefits, here are a few of them. Improves orgasms: Blood flow intensifies your sexual desire. In fact, some women achieve a real orgasm for the first time. Lowers blood pressure: Sex has been found to lower blood pressure…a good thing for both of you, since high blood pressure is linked to the pregnancy complication preeclampsia. Improves sleep:For moms: Sex is relaxing, so it helps you sleep better.                                                                            For babies: The rocking motion of a sex session often lulls baby to sleep. Boosts happiness: Orgasm releases endorphins, which make both you and baby happier and more relaxed. It boosts your immunity: Pregnancy is the time when a woman’s immunity is low. Apart from diet and lifestyle modification, sex plays an important role is boosting one’s immunity. This is because sex increases level of ‘IgA’ antibodies in the body that boost immunity and save one from seasonal cold and flu that is common during pregnancy.

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